Our Services

DB Engineering knows how to make complex HVAC systems work and measure how well they perform. New products, strategies and technologies can offer significant benefits, but only when they are properly applied and operated. We help our clients get the most out of their HVAC system investments.


Design Services

  • Building types include:
    • Commercial Buildings
    • High Tech Corporate Real Estate
    • Healthcare – Hospital and Medical Office
    • Life Sciences
    • Higher Education
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Retail
    • Assembly
    • Gaming
    • Industrial
  • Owner Advocate Representative to review HVAC plans and specifications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mechanical Guideline Development and Support
  • Mechanical Engineering HVAC and Plumbing for:
    • New Construction and Major Renovation
    • System Alterations and Modifications
    • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Specialties include:
    • Corporate Real Estate Owner Advocacy and Representation
    • Computer Lab/Data Center
    • Commercial Kitchen
  • SD+ Design – Basis of design in the form of a Schematic level design for competitive bidding for project completion
  • Mechanical Project Management

Energy-Smart Buildings

Energy Smart Buildings

DB Engineering works closely with Microsoft, providing building mechanical system design and operation support, worldwide. Since 2011, DB Engineering has participated as an integral member of the team deploying Microsoft’s Energy-Smart Building strategy, globally.

As engineers with a deep understanding of how systems work and how they perform, DB Engineering believes this technology represents a revolutionary shift in the way comfort and environmental control is achieved and maintained in buildings. This technology provides the ability to maximize existing assets and significantly reduce the resources needed to operate buildings.

DB Engineering provides the following services assisting clients to effectively deploy this technology and leverage the benefits of the massive data source available from their conventional building management systems:

  • Clearly define the complete HVAC system ecosystem
  • Validate project viability and prepare the Business Case
    • Asset audits and Energy analysis
    • Financial analysis – Costs and Savings
  • Provide design and project management services to “enable the data asset”
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Support the development and implementation of the ongoing improvement process



DB Engineering and Commissioning (Cx)

Let’s start by asking ourselves, what is commissioning? According to ASHRAE, the commissioning process is a quality-oriented process of achieving, verifying and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria.

Whether it is new construction commissioning, re-commissioning or retro-commissioning, a strong understanding of mechanical systems is paramount. DB Engineering’s staff of mechanical engineers and technicians has over 120 years of experience in system design, commissioning and facility operations.

DB Engineering’s philosophy for commissioning will take you further than the ASHRAE commissioning guidelines and industry standards. We believe every facility is capable of “maintained” system optimization with today’s technologies. As described in our Energy Smart Building section of our website, data analytics, fault detection diagnostics, machine learning and cloud based data storage and computing, is a game changer.

As part of a DB Engineering commissioning effort, we will prepare your building for the next generation of facility management. Our commissioning effort will include a detailed review the data available through the building management system and an assessment of the facility readiness for implementing an Energy Smart Building technology.

Since 1999, DB Engineering has been commissioning and onboarding the “Energy Smart Building” technology for Microsoft facilities worldwide. Instead of a repeat cycle of re-commissioning buildings every 5 years, Microsoft is now able to analyze data in real-time and make system adjustments immediately.

In addition to commissioning, we also provide the following sustaining services for building owners:

  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • Utility rebate procurement
  • Energy Conservation Manager resources
  • Facility monitoring